Where to Get Started


You will notice there is a TON of information in the level 1 program!

What should I do first??

As far as going through the modules and material I recommend two possible ways.

The first would be to review the questionnaire called 3 pillars and 5 systems. (Click here for 3 pillars 5 systems )

By the end of that questionnaire and on the last page you as a team will be able to come up with the highest priorities.

So you may need to start with marketing, or team, or communications etc.

This questionnaire will help you PRIORITIZE what now and what next!

The second and my favorite way is for you as a team to go through the APPROPRIATE modules.

In system 1 I recommend that the DOCTOR go through modules 1-3 and get clarity about who they are are, what they do and what the product is that they are going to bring to market.

It is all about certainty!

Then I recommend that the doctor go through module 4-6 and review the table of contents (see the bottom of every page in the online portion of the website) to see which subjects they find interesting. They do not “have to” listen to everything in this module. There may be some specific concepts the doctor wants to share with the team.

In system 2 I recommend the doctor go through module one, “Get the TEAM to Grow the Practice” with the entire team ASAP! Leave 3 to 4 hours to get through this most critical information. It will help your entire team get on board philosophically and then as you go through the “business frame” it will give your team extremely clear direction as to what your 10 yearly objectives are, five quarterly objectives for the business and quarterly objectives each person will have that will lead to the quarterly objectives for the business.

The doctor and or office manager will go through module two, “How to Build a Dream Team” and start running the office this way. This will include how to hire, making sure we have the right people in the right positions, bonuses, bonus/performance appraisal systems, how to run successful meetings etc.

Whoever goes through this material will then have the entire team implement these systems.

In module 3 we go through understanding and applying DISC. The doctor MAY choose to go through this material at this time or wait until more high priority items are dealt with.

In module 4, “The importance of certainty for CA’s” we want the ENTIRE team to review this material and discuss it as a team. It will help all CAs get more clarity as to the value of their role and ways in which they may want to improve their position. This is a critical module and make sure there is lengthy discussion and appropriate action steps for improvement are implemented in the quarterly objectives.

In module 5, the bonus section, we recommend reviewing the table of contents and choosing appropriate information.

In System 3 we dive deep into communications. I recommend that the ENTIRE team reviews module 1 and 2. This will give a great overview as to how we will start processing and communicating with our patients, and module 2 will help our entire team get a bigger vision of how to communicate with our patients and what we are trying to accomplish with our patients.

If we are going to have a Tech CA do a pre-consultation that CA would need to review module 3, “Pre-Consultation”. If not the doctor would want to review this module as it teaches certain concepts they will want to know for the doctors consultation.

The doctor will want to review modules 4 and 5 which is the doctor’s consultation and the doctors examination.

The doctor will want to review the rest of the modules about the report of findings, daily interactions, and re-eval re-reports.

If the Tech CA is going to do any part of the report of findings they will need to review ROF part 1 and part 3.

I would recommend the entire team review module 11, “LAASR Difficult Questions.” This will help the entire team learn how to deal with difficult patients, difficult questions etc.

System 4 is all about marketing.

I believe it is valuable to have the entire team review module 1 to get a better understanding of all of the things that we can do to bring in new patients.

The doctor will need to review module 2 and figure out which talks they are going to do. You will see in “Health Care Talks” there is an article about how to set up outside talks/lunch and learns as well as an article about how to fill our internal talks. Of course the entire team will want to review this information.

Module 3 is all about health screenings and if you are going to do screenings any of the screeners would need to review this module.

Module 4 is all about how to get internal and external referrals. We want the ENTIRE team to review this module together and role-play it regularly!

Module 5 is teaching the doctor how to do phone consultations.

Module 6 is teaching the entire team to follow up on leads if you have such a need.

System 5 is all about Flow and Growth. I recommend the doctor go through module 1 and then figure out which information they want to share with the entire team.

Module 2 is all about how to get patients to our healthcare talks before they come in for their first evaluation and how to go waitlist. When your team is ready for this your entire team will want to review this module.

Module 3 is everything you would need to know in hiring and training Associates.

Remember we are always here to help. Email if you have any questions.

Much love and aloha,

Russ and Angie