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The Optimal Health Summit

Congratulations and welcome to the exclusive VIP All Access Pass materials!

You have now unlocked ALL of the summit sessions. The descriptions of all of the interviews are below. Click their name to go right to the session! In each session, you will be able to download the video file, audio file, transcript, and the special resources that the guest speaker has provided. Exclusive VIP All Access Pass materials not made available to the general public will be listed in the sessions from Dr. Andre Camelli, Joe Elias, Kim Klapp, Dr. Angus Pyke, and Dr. David Fletcher.

  • Dr. Russ Rosen (our host!) dives deep into how to get your patients to get it! Clearly “Telling” the story has not worked and is not going to work. We have to “Ask” the story. We explore exactly how to get your patients to truly HEAR what you are saying so they understand how you can help them. We dive into exactly how to find out what your patients want, IN RELATIONSHIP to what you can actually do for them (which is way more than they thought when they came in). And then we simply show them how to have it. It is amazing how easy it is to give people what they want vs. trying to make them do something they don’t! We then apply those concepts to the Doctor’s Consultation, Examination, Report of findings and Daily Interactions. We then talk about how to get paid for your services and care plans. And last but not least we talk about how to schedule when doing this type of work that may require more time per visit or on certain visits.
  • Dr. Pat Gentempo dives DEEP into the head space of TIME and MONEY!
    Too many doctors are just not getting paid enough for their work. Especially docs doing longer session times and doing deeper work. Is it possible to actually spend less time and get as good or better results? The answer is emphatically yes! How? Tune in and find out.
  • Dr. Andre Camelli shows you how he has built a cash practice where patients pay $250-500 for visit 1 and go through several health care classes BEFORE they are allowed to set up visits 1 & 2. His process for detox and nutritional programs add tremendous value and have helped him become deeply waitlisted.
  • Dr. Davis Brockenshire shows how a doctor in the real world gets a minimum of $1000 per hour for him and his other doctors, gets AMAZING results diving deep into work like AK, Functional Neurology, Functional Nutrition, Dr. Camelli’s Quantum Integration and stays wait listed months in advance.
  • Bill Esteb hits some really important tenets of patient acquisition that will surely help you strengthen your message. From acknowledging what patients actually value to understanding the two elements that affect referrals and reactions, Bill brings an honest and detailed perspective to marketing.
  • Dr. George Gonzalez asks: is it possible to actually REHABILITATE nerves? Cranial nerves? Sensory nerves? Is it possible to help people with brain damage, paralysis and stroke? The answer is YES! And I have seen it with my own eyes! In this fascinating discussion with Dr. George Gonzalez (Quantum Neurology) we explore how this work truly is QUANTUM and so are our bodies! If you truly want to take someone’s nervous system from dial up to broad band this interview is a must!
  • Dr. Angus Pyke knows what it takes to make video marketing a sensational and incredibly effective cornerstone of your practice marketing. In this session, he walks through the often overlooked, critical differences between the most effective campaigns and those that leave us frustrated.
  • Paul Webb asks the question “What if you are doing perfect adjustments and your patients have all the right nutrition but their cells do not have enough of an electrical charge?” The answer is: they will not heal. They will not get better. This is the only “Technology” that Dr. Rosen personally uses or recommends. This is NOT something that will MASK the patients’ symptoms while they rot to death on the inside From a patient perspective, business perspective, financial perspective this is a GRAND SLAM.
  • Dr. John Turner talks about how to deal with the underlying “Subconscious” Emotional Traumas from a “Brain Based” perspective. He also shows how to double your income without working any more than you are right now – and get way better results.
  • Dr. Michael Winters discusses how he has fully embodied the persona of “Expert” and how he is driving Perfect PRE- Qualified patients to his office. If you want to fill your practice with the right kinds of patients who are happy to pay for your services, you want to watch this session.
  • Dr. Daniel Schilling has people flying out for care and is getting $4000- $5000 per person for one weeks worth of care! We talk about exactly how he pulled this off. The head space and procedures and the process he went through to get to this point. If you want to get better results with your patients and get paid big money to do so you want to listen to this interview!
  • Kim Klapp knows that CA’s can grow, crash, or freeze your practice. Watch this fascinating interview with Kim Klapp where we dive deep into what makes a GREAT CA and how can we cultivate them.
  • Dr. Pat Gentempo talks through the concept of subluxation in a one-of-a-kind conversation with Dr. Russ Rosen. Gain a completely new understanding of subluxation and how it impacts your practice!
  • Dr. Tedd Koren talks about his new book on cancer that we all need to read. He gives us the best “Elevator pitch” I have ever heard and we talk quite a bit about his tremendous technique. You will be inspired by his never ending trust and experience with innate intelligence!
  • Dr. Patrick Keiran is using KST, brain based work, essential oils and is 100% referral based, sees 14-16 people per hour, goes extremely deep and has his systems completely wired. If he can do it, so can you!
  • Dr. Ella Coffren is less than 3 years in practice, does amazing work, has a thriving full practice, does average of 50 visit year plans, goes extremely deep and spends 10 minutes per person. Listen to this wonderful powerful woman as she discusses what she want through over the past 3 years to get to this level in practice that most doctors simply will never achieve!
  • Joe Elias gets to the heart of why so many doctors struggle to earn new patients with their marketing ideas. He presents a simple-yet-effective way to seamlessly identify, integrate, and recruit patients from an ideal patient niche so that you can truly become a local hero.
  • Dr. Christopher Kent destroys the “chiropractors ride in the back of the bus” myth with up to the moment research from psychoneuroimmunology and physiology journals and a lot more!
  • Dr. Charlie Fagenholz talks about using the specific right nutrition with our patients and how to integrate nutrition into our practice without crashing it.
  • Dr. Abby Kramer believes in addressing each patient as a whole, taking into account structural, chemical, and emotional causes of dysfunction. She has a unique way of combining her specialties in chiropractic, nutrition, kinesiology, functional medicine, mind-body medicine, women’s health, and holistic, preventative care to help her patients live radically healthy living.
  • Dr. David Fletcher draws upon years of clinical and practice experience, while owing and guiding the profession’s most advanced, subluxation-centered, examination technology company, Dr. Fletcher weaves an unforgettable message linking today’s technologies with the timeless principles of healing.