The Optimal Health Summit

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  • Dr. Russ Rosen (our host!) dives deep into how to get your patients to get it! Clearly “Telling” the story has not worked and is not going to work. We have to “Ask” the story. We explore exactly how to get your patients to truly HEAR what you are saying so they understand how you can help them. We dive into exactly how to find out what your patients want, IN RELATIONSHIP to what you can actually do for them (which is way more than they thought when they came in). And then we simply show them how to have it. It is amazing how easy it is to give people what they want vs. trying to make them do something they don’t! We then apply those concepts to the Doctor’s Consultation, Examination, Report of findings and Daily Interactions. We then talk about how to get paid for your services and care plans. And last but not least we talk about how to schedule when doing this type of work that may require more time per visit or on certain visits.
  • Dr. Pat Gentempo dives DEEP into the head space of TIME and MONEY!
    Too many doctors are just not getting paid enough for their work. Especially docs doing longer session times and doing deeper work. Is it possible to actually spend less time and get as good or better results? The answer is emphatically yes! How? Tune in and find out.
  • Dr. Andre Camelli shows you how he has built a cash practice where patients pay $250-500 for visit 1 and go through several health care classes BEFORE they are allowed to set up visits 1 & 2. His process for detox and nutritional programs add tremendous value and have helped him become deeply waitlisted.
  • Dr. Davis Brockenshire shows how a doctor in the real world gets a minimum of $1000 per hour for him and his other doctors, gets AMAZING results diving deep into work like AK, Functional Neurology, Functional Nutrition, Dr. Camelli’s Quantum Integration and stays wait listed months in advance.
  • Bill Esteb hits some really important tenets of patient acquisition that will surely help you strengthen your message. From acknowledging what patients actually value to understanding the two elements that affect referrals and reactions, Bill brings an honest and detailed perspective to marketing.
  • Dr. George Gonzalez asks: is it possible to actually REHABILITATE nerves? Cranial nerves? Sensory nerves? Is it possible to help people with brain damage, paralysis and stroke? The answer is YES! And I have seen it with my own eyes! In this fascinating discussion with Dr. George Gonzalez (Quantum Neurology) we explore how this work truly is QUANTUM and so are our bodies! If you truly want to take someone’s nervous system from dial up to broad band this interview is a must!
  • Dr. Angus Pyke knows what it takes to make video marketing a sensational and incredibly effective cornerstone of your practice marketing. In this session, he walks through the often overlooked, critical differences between the most effective campaigns and those that leave us frustrated.
  • Paul Webb asks the question “What if you are doing perfect adjustments and your patients have all the right nutrition but their cells do not have enough of an electrical charge?” The answer is: they will not heal. They will not get better. This is the only “Technology” that Dr. Rosen personally uses or recommends. This is NOT something that will MASK the patients’ symptoms while they rot to death on the inside From a patient perspective, business perspective, financial perspective this is a GRAND SLAM.
  • Dr. John Turner talks about how to deal with the underlying “Subconscious” Emotional Traumas from a “Brain Based” perspective. He also shows how to double your income without working any more than you are right now – and get way better results.
  • Dr. Michael Winters discusses how he has fully embodied the persona of “Expert” and how he is driving Perfect PRE- Qualified patients to his office. If you want to fill your practice with the right kinds of patients who are happy to pay for your services, you want to watch this session.
  • Dr. Daniel Schilling has people flying out for care and is getting $4000- $5000 per person for one weeks worth of care! We talk about exactly how he pulled this off. The head space and procedures and the process he went through to get to this point. If you want to get better results with your patients and get paid big money to do so you want to listen to this interview!
  • Kim Klapp knows that CA’s can grow, crash, or freeze your practice. Watch this fascinating interview with Kim Klapp where we dive deep into what makes a GREAT CA and how can we cultivate them.
  • Dr. Pat Gentempo talks through the concept of subluxation in a one-of-a-kind conversation with Dr. Russ Rosen. Gain a completely new understanding of subluxation and how it impacts your practice!
  • Dr. Tedd Koren talks about his new book on cancer that we all need to read. He gives us the best “Elevator pitch” I have ever heard and we talk quite a bit about his tremendous technique. You will be inspired by his never ending trust and experience with innate intelligence!
  • Dr. Patrick Keiran is using KST, brain based work, essential oils and is 100% referral based, sees 14-16 people per hour, goes extremely deep and has his systems completely wired. If he can do it, so can you!
  • Dr. Ella Coffren is less than 3 years in practice, does amazing work, has a thriving full practice, does average of 50 visit year plans, goes extremely deep and spends 10 minutes per person. Listen to this wonderful powerful woman as she discusses what she want through over the past 3 years to get to this level in practice that most doctors simply will never achieve!
  • Joe Elias gets to the heart of why so many doctors struggle to earn new patients with their marketing ideas. He presents a simple-yet-effective way to seamlessly identify, integrate, and recruit patients from an ideal patient niche so that you can truly become a local hero.
  • Dr. Christopher Kent destroys the “chiropractors ride in the back of the bus” myth with up to the moment research from psychoneuroimmunology and physiology journals and a lot more!
  • Dr. Charlie Fagenholz talks about using the specific right nutrition with our patients and how to integrate nutrition into our practice without crashing it.
  • Dr. Abby Kramer believes in addressing each patient as a whole, taking into account structural, chemical, and emotional causes of dysfunction. She has a unique way of combining her specialties in chiropractic, nutrition, kinesiology, functional medicine, mind-body medicine, women’s health, and holistic, preventative care to help her patients live radically healthy living.
  • Dr. David Fletcher draws upon years of clinical and practice experience, while owing and guiding the profession’s most advanced, subluxation-centered, examination technology company, Dr. Fletcher weaves an unforgettable message linking today’s technologies with the timeless principles of healing.

Group Coaching: Half Hour to Power Calls

Each month we dive deep into specific subjects and share wins, challenges and “best practices”. Group Coaching Q and A calls Will be the 3rd Thursday of the month either 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time (Yes that is U.S. Eastern Time) or 9 p.m. Eastern Time (Yes that is U.S. Eastern Time). This way regardless of your time zone you should be able to make one of those calls. We will email you a week prior to each call and remind you of the time and if there are schedule changes because of holidays etc. you will be notified well in advance.

If you want to save the calls to listen to at a later time, click them to open them in a new window and then use your web browser’s “save” function to save the file to your local machine. This is usually in the “File” menu for browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer.

5.21.20: Half Hour to Power

In this call we talked about wearing the “CEO hat” vs. the “Manager hat” or “Technician hat”. We also talked about how to get everything done in life as well as find time to work ON the business. And we ended with a little discussion about wearing masks during this time.

4.16.20: Half Hour to Power

Wow! That was a 55-minute half hour to power! We talked about ideas for telehealth calls right now. We dove into the conversations I am STRONGLY recommending my doctors have with their patients right now. We dove into the concept of everyone needs care regardless of their ability to pay. We talked about can you have more than one niche market and how. We dove into how to handle people when we think all they want is to get out of pain and we discussed how to handle a case of stinking thinking with a staff member.

2.13.20: Half Hour to Power

This is one of the best calls we have ever had! We discussed what is the process to really get patients to refer. And we talked about the importance of stories and making your story about your patient vs. telling them your story. We talked about the “Salutogenic” model and how to get our shift our patients consciousness from the medical model to this health and wellness model that empowers them. Thank you for all of your great questions!!

1.16.20: Half Hour to Power

We had such amazing conversations on this call. You will see it went 50 minutes, but it was just too darn good to stop! Dr. Jim Miller and I talked down how and why to get your practice to the place where you can take a year off. Ups, downs, pros, cons and in his case exactly what his next steps are. This is a don’t miss-er! Dr. Ari and I talked about how to get our patients to truly value our care so they are happy to pay for it and how to deal with patients who don’t want as much care as you recommend, and a whole lot more. Truly a great call!

12.19.19: Half Hour to Power

This session nearly went an hour. Great Stuff! We talked about how to get an associate to fix a challenge he is having. We answered how to pre frame issues like people who feel they cannot afford care or need a detoxification program etc. And we dove into detail about the steps to go through to either get a staff member on board or let them go in a humane way.

10.10.19: Half Hour to Power

In this “Half hour to power session” it turned into, “An Hour and 15 minutes to power” and we really dove deep into some great subjects. “I have a bunch of patients dropping out of care visit 2 or 3, I know they are feeling better and happy with care, but they are dropping out and not returning our phone calls. Why is that happening?” “How do I deal with a patient who is going to get a “Diagnosis from her real doctor?” “What should my head space be when going into an ROF?” And, “How is the best way to deal with heavily charged subjects like vaccines etc.?”

8.15.19: Half Hour to Power

In this session we answered a question about how to monitor ROI (Return on investment) on our marketing. How to deal with a patient who wants to cut their care down and you don’t think it is in their best interest. Dr. Dan Turo just wrote a wonderful book and we discussed the many ways to leverage the heck out of it. And Dr. Turo just hired a “Salutogenic Achievement Specialist” and we dove deep into ways to leverage the heck out of that too!

7.18.19: Half Hour to Power

If you ever have any issues around serving patients, money, fees, value, worth etc. PLEASE listen to this call. Dr. Ari and I have been working hard in our personal coaching on these issues. Today we took a full hour to dive into the subconscious limiting beliefs that are holding him back and we went in and dissolved them. I do this process with most all of my clients and we see life changing results!

6.20.19: Half Hour to Power

We started this session off answering the question, “I just joined the system 3 communications program. Where do I start?” We then talked about sEMG’s and why they light up like a Christmas tree and how CRITICAL it is to understand and monitor what is going on with their ROM and Posture. We then dove into how to deal with patients who just keep talking to the CA’s at the front desk. And ended with a pretty detailed discussion about how to run ALL of our meetings.

5.16.19: Half Hour to Power

In this session we dove EXTREMELY deep into two subjects. The first is, “Now that my new patients are totally getting it. How do I get the rest of my practice to get it too? The second is, “How do I deal with walk ins? I am now getting busy enough that I cannot handle them. What do I do?” We really dug deep into these. Don’t miss!

4.18.19: Half Hour to Power

In this session we talked about what to do when we are getting too busy we start to get stressed. We talked about what to do at a BNI or Le Tip group and what not to talk about. (You might be surprised 😊) We discussed how to deal with people who have very different opinions than you i.e. vaccines, politics etc. and how to deal with them and we discussed how to open conversations with people outside of our office and give them an opportunity to come into the office. This one went quite long but it was worth it!

3.21.19: Half Hour to Power

In this session we talked about specifically what your CA’s can do to help process new patients and which modules they need to study. We addressed how to discuss how the 3 dimensions of stress cause subluxations. We talked about how to address specific problems with your CA’s without offending them. We dove into how to make sure you are making a minimum of $600/hour (if you like) or more especially if you are spending more than 5 minutes per patient visit and we talked about how to get the PARENT of the child to see the value of the child’s care (since they are the ones who will be paying for it). Great stuff and hope you enjoy!

2.14.19: Half Hour to Power

In this session we dove deep into the missed appointment/24 hour cancellation policy where you charge them if they miss. We talked about how to deal with patients who are late especially if you spend a bit more time per patient i.e. 10 minutes or more and how to NOT allow them to make you run late. We talked about the Valentines day, Mothers and Fathers day, Easter etc. Cards that Dr. Jim Miller gives to his patients with a little treat and how he gets INTERNAL REFERRALS from it. We also talked about how to deal with a new patient who comes in complaining about something like elbow pain and how we connect the dots to the nervous system and need for chiropractic care.

1.17.19: Half Hour to Power

This half hour to power turned into an HOUR to power! No kidding around, let’s commit to making 2019 our best year ever! In this hour we dove deep into how to take our team from good to AMAZING PARA PROFESSIONALS! We talked about how to raise our prices. No better time to do it! And we talked about what to do with our morning ritual. This one is extremely powerful and odds are you will want to listen to it several times!

12.13.18: Half Hour to Power

Last call for 2018! We discussed how to keep our well bonused CA’s excited about growth and doing the best job they can do. Congratulations to Dr. Miller for not only having such an amazing year but for also having his son follow in his footsteps! We talked a little bit about how to make sure this is the right move for his son. And we talked about how to deal with reactivated patients who have NOT been through our entire new visit educational process.

10.18.18: Half Hour to Power

A very interesting call tonight indeed! Dr. Miller asked about feeling tired after 3 hours of adjusting. Is this related to burn out? Not loving what doing? Health issues? Definitely worth the listen. We also talked with Dr. Ari about how do I get paid for my time when I am reviewing reports from other doctors or when he does some functional nutrition or detoxification programs. We then helped look at ways to figure out what to pay staff, how to bonus them etc. GREAT STUFF!

9.20.18: Half Hour to Power

Whew! Great call! We dove into all kinds of questions about taking care of friends and whether we give discounts or not and if so how and why. We talked about wearing the different hats of doc in the office and friend outside and building in an exit strategy to protect the friendship. We also do deep into how to utilize the -10 to +10 discussion during re reports. How to charge “Wellness or Maintenance” patients and a whole lot more!

8.9.18: Half Hour to Power

We addressed what a chiropractor in their last year of chiropractic school should/could be doing to ready themselves for the real world. We helped a doctor remember how and why he got people from a screening to come to the health care talk BEFORE their first visit and we dove deep into the concept of bundling care, which things we just “Throw in” and which things we must charge extra for and how to present it so the patient is excited about the special deal they got WITHOUT you giving away the farm! GREAT STUFF! PS Dr. Jim posted in the private FB page a picture of his screening booth and the he and his team signed up 50+ new patients to come to the health care orientation evening and their first visit!

7.19.18: Half Hour to Power

We dove deep into our stat sheets and their tremendous value. They truly help us pin point where our strengths and weaknesses are. We then talked about how to get people to stick around longer than 12 visits. We talked about are there any statistics helping us figure out how much care to recommend. And at the end it got a bit confusing. YES we do have statistics on the value of Chiropractic care. We have a ton in the health care talk and if you listen to On Purpose there are tons of those every month. But I personally don’t know of stats or reliable charts on how to figure recommendations and we do talk about that.

6.21.18: Half Hour to Power

Dr. Cahill asked me why we do not -10 to +10 in the outcome assessment questionnaires and we use 0-10. Great question and great idea! I love it and will change that. Then Dr. Ari talked about an offer he has to purchase patient files from a friend who does a very different style of chiropractic than he does. We dove deep into how to purchase the files and how to deal with the patients.

5.17.18: Half Hour to Power

We dove very deep into two different subjects. The first was what specific questions should I ask myself to figure out who my niche markets are and how to market to them. And the second was a doctor asking about opening up a satellite clinic.

4.19.18: Half Hour to Power

We dove deep into the subject of care plans and how to charge for them as well as what to do with “Wellness” patients and the myriad of ways we can set up their payment plans. Enjoy!

3.15.18: Half Hour to Power

In this call we dove deep into, a few different subjects. First, we discussed what we really need to do to keep our communications dusted off and shiny! They only really work when we do them right. So what do we need to do to continually do them right? We then dove the deepest we ever had into what is +10 on the Path to Optimal Health chart? You do not want to miss this. Weather you “Just adjust” or do functional medicine along with adjusting or whatever YOU need to clarify what +10 means, how we will know we got there and what we need to do to get there. We actually went into several other issues but gang this is really worth the listen.

2.15.18: Half Hour to Power

In this call we dove deep into, a few different subjects. First, how can I move from offering 3 month plans to 12-18 month plans and what are the pros and cons of each? We then spoke with Dr. Miller about how to deal with patients who are just not coming along as expected, or they are but they don’t seem to want to admit it, or in general they are just a pain in the ass!

1.25.18: Half Hour to Power

In this call we dove deep into, “What if for some reason I am not using the visit 2 patient education presentation? How can I still use the “Path to Optimal Health” and find out what level of health they want to get to etc.” We show several versions and they will take less than 90 seconds. We then dove into, “How do I get out of my way?” and in essence “Just do it” especially when I have a bit of perfectionism or analysis paralysis in my genetic code!

12.21.17: Half Hour to Power

Quite some time ago I asked Dr. Dan Turo if I could interview him for “The OHC Interviews the Greats” and we never got around to it. This is the last call of 2017 and usually either no one shows up or just one or two people… I get it! Luckily Dr. Turo showed up and we got to dive into some really great things he is doing. He added tremendous specific USP information to his visit 1 and visit 2 presentations and I hope you will too! We also dove extremely deep into team training.

11.16.17: Half Hour to Power

Wow what a DEEP DIVE we did in this call! Dr. Ray asked this. “I have been in practice a long time and I am not getting the internal referrals I used to get. What can I do in my daily interactions to stimulate referrals, especially with those who have been with me for a long time.” You are not going to want to miss this one!

10.19.17: Half Hour to Power

In this session we discussed how to deal with patients who say there are feeling better or feeling worse. We then talked about the two critical conversations we MUST have with a patient who says, “Wow, I feel great!” Enjoy!

9.21.17: Half Hour to Power

In this session we discussed how to deal with holidays when entire families leave and really decrease our numbers. We talked about the difference between 1 x per week and 1 x per month. We dove pretty deep into outcome assessment measurements and how to clarify which ones we use and what they really mean and more!

8.17.17: Half Hour to Power

In this call we went over how to deal with two associates. One covers AM shifts and the other covers PM shifts and so many of the new patients from the AM shift end up seeing the doc in the PM shift because it is just a better time. How do we find a solution to that problem? We also discussed how to get people to our talks as well as how to employ Ciadini’s Law of Reciprocity with our patients on their birthday or as a new patient.

6.16.17: Half Hour to Power

Woo hoo! Oh boy this was a good one! We covered how to find and fix our contradictions (especially the subconscious ones!) We talked about how to help our patients WANT to stay for a lifetime and the difference between what we do and “maintenance”. And we discussed exactly what to say on our patient’s first adjustment to set things up the right way right from the beginning! Enjoy!

5.18.17: Half Hour to Power

Boy did we dive deep into this one! Have you ever had a patient say they need to go home and think about it? In this session we dive into headspace, procedures, expectations and key pieces of the puzzle. I’ll bet you that you will find at least one place where you could improve and improve your results!

4.20.17: Half Hour to Power

In this session we discussed how to REALLY dive deep into WHY your patient is REALLY there during the consultation. We addressed how to deal with a patient who says, or you can tell they are thinking, “I have been so many places, seen so many doctors, have spent so much money, why will this be any different. We touched on reactivations and when in the process to start them. And last but not least we dove deep into daily interactions and how to have meaningful conversations in a very short time without just repeating the same old tired story over and over again. Hope you enjoy!

3.16.17: Half Hour to Power

Well we went a bit long in this one but it was worth the time! We discussed what to do when a patient is not following your recommendations, how to respond when a patient asks, “Can you guarantee results.”? We also dove into how to get the spouse to the ROF and what if they don’t come. We dove very deep into a controversial subject of using nutrients, the value of nutrients in practice, how long it might take for things like digestion to clear up if we are using nutrients or not etc. (I doubt you will hear anything like this answer by any other “Management company”. Hope you enjoy! Remember you can always send questions if you cannot make the call.

2.16.17: Half Hour to Power

Wow what a great half hour to power. In this call we discussed how to deal with a new patient who comes in and says, “I know what is going on, I just need to be cracked right here!” We discussed what to do when we see we are losing our patients attention and they are drifting off. We discussed how to deal with patients who have insurance, a bit about reactivations and a bit more!

1.19.17: Half Hour to Power

In this half hour to power we talked about using referral cards, scan cards and how to get people to refer. We also had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Brock McCurdy who is just killing it in Barcelona and how he started doing great, then really crashed, then started doing great again and what it takes to really kill it like he does!

11.17.16: Half Hour to Power

In this half hour to power we discussed how to do with patients who want more at the end of the adjustment or have questions. And we dealt with a doctor who told a new patient that the visits would be anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes in the patient said, “Then I will get my full 15 minutes every time!” This was a fun one!

9.15.16: Half Hour to Power

We discussed how to deal with patients who are doing annoying or inappropriate things in the adjusting area i.e. talking, asking questions, cell phones and unruly kids. We then talked about how to deal with the DISC part of the hiring process and ended with a great conversation about how to end our conversation with patients who want to keep talking and NOT be rude! Enjoy!

8.18.16: Half Hour to Power

In this half hour to power we went a bit late but it was well worth it!! We dove into how to deal with the elderly. These folks so badly need our care, but they often times don’t realize what we can do for them, they are on tons of medications, have had terrible lifestyles for years etc. The second thing we dove into was how to SOCRATICALLY get our patients to GET IT. Hope you enjoy!

7.16.16: Half Hour to Power

In this discussion we discussed how to deal with people who are chronically late and NOT offend them or join the Okay corral, the importance of really understanding your personal behavioral style and not being shackled by it but by honoring it and we talked about how to figure layouts and floor plans.

6.16.16: Half Hour to Power

In this discussion we discussed pros and cons of “Miracles” in the practice, what can I really expect to see on x-rays and scans and am I really a good chiropractor or not? We also spoke with a doc about whether he should hire two part timers or one full timer. And then we discussed the differences of “Tonal” techniques, the “Ask Innate” type techniques and which ones I may want to use if I want to do volume.

5.19.16: Half Hour to Power

In this discussion we dove DEEP into how to come up with YOUR care plans and then how to present them in a way that works! Great overview, great deep dive. Worth listening to!

4.19.16: Half Hour to Power

In this half hour to power Dr. Michelle and I dive deep into two subjects. First how do I remember their symptoms and how it affects their life etc.? The second is how do I move from where I am right now in “No man’s land” of I don’t have this consult or ROF etc. perfected yet. To unconscious competence or MASTERY? Great stuff!

3.19.16: Half Hour to Power

We dive deep into profitability in practice, blinky shiny things vs. being brilliant at the basics and more!

2.19.16: Half Hour to Power

We dive deep into the whole x-ray thing! How do I get my patients to really see the value in the shortest time possible? We started at the exam all the way through the rof and if you use x-ray you will want to listen to this.

1.21.16: Half Hour to Power

Oooh this was a good one! We addressed how to deal with a patient who comes in and says, “I am feeling so much better, I just got ablation therapy or an injection and I don’t need to come in anymore!” And we dealt with does the patients frame of mind or “vibration” make a difference when we adjust them?

12.17.15: Half Hour to Power

In this half hour to power we discussed how to weave concepts like nutrition into our talks and NOT lose the chiropractic message, how to deal with missed appointments and more.

11.19.15: Half Hour to Power

In this half hour to power we dive deeper into TTAT and the Whole Story and dive deep into how to handle when a patient says, “I think I have to reduce or stop care because of money.”

10.15.15: Half Hour to Power

In this half hour to power we addressed how to set up our exam with all the different tests and what is the best flow. We also discussed how to integrate using nutrients/NRT.

9.17.15: Half Hour to Power

In this half hour to power we addressed “Why do I feel the need to give away services?”,  “How do I deal with people who don’t come back after I refer them out for x-rays?” and pros and cons of offering “Special Deals”.

8.17.15: Half Hour to Power

Great half hour to power we went a bit late but it was well worth it!! We discussed a bit about training a new CA, what we need in front of us when doing TTAT as well as some of the finer points of palpation. We discussed the headspace, procedures and pricing of family plans. Enjoy!

7.16.15: Half Hour to Power

Listen to this half hour to power where we dive a bit deeper into the hiring process, the different DISC of a Tech CA and Front desk CA and we talked a little bit about the neuroscience of communications and the reptilian brain.

6.16.15: Half Hour to Power

In this half hour to power we get to hear how Dr. Janice is doing with her chronically late scene. (You may remember we discussed why she may have that habit and what to do about it) Spoiler alert, she is gaining serious ground!  Amazing what happens when we recognize our THERMOSTATS and do something about them. We then discussed “Process vs. Event” and how to come up with metaphors and stories to help people GET IT. And then we talked about some fine points of the daily interactions and how to keep the conversation fresh. Great stuff!

5.16.15: Half Hour to Power

In this half hour to power we dive deep into how to get new patients as well as your active patients to your healthcare talks and we got to hear from Dr. Tom about how he just got a boat load of new patients and what he is doing to kill it in his practice!!

4.16.15: Half Hour to Power

In this half hour to power we dive deep into helping a doctor figure out why she has been “chronically late” her entire life and what to do about it. You may be surprised! We also dove into daily interactions and how to help people GET IT better!

3.19.15: Half Hour to Power

Great call today! We discussed hiring a marketing person, corporate talks, how to transition our present active practice to our new way of communicating and more!

2.19.15: Half Hour to Power

In this half hour to power we dive deep into how to get your patients to GET IT without bombarding them with too much information! We also touched on how to set up relationships with other doctors and dove deeper into specific nuances of the Whole Story!

1.22.15: Half Hour to Power

Listen to this 30 minute half hour to power. We continue our conversation with Dr. Micah from the last half hour to power and dive extremely deep into his niche market and how to get the message out to them.

12.18.14: Half Hour to Power

Check out this half hour to power. Dr. Micah and I dove deep into how do I deal with people who want to use their insurance but I don’t accept insurance. AND how to I fill my practice with my ideal patients that don’t want to use insurance?

11.21.14:The Wow Idea

In this half hour to power we address how to deal with someone who emails or texts that they want to quit care, how to REALLY get your patients to say, “Wow I had no idea” during TTAT and more!

9.18.14:Clarify Problem

In this half hour to power Dr. Micah Reis asked us to help him dive deep into how to clarify exactly what they really want and show them how to get it! You will see how we “Drilled down” and really got to exactly how to do this!

8.21.14:Clark Radio

Listen to this 30 minute half hour to power. Dr. Trevor Clark tells ALL of exactly how he is getting a 2.5 – 4  return on his investment on his radio show! Yes I know radio shows don’t work more often than not. But this guy is making it work and he tells you exactly how to do it and how simple it is!

7.24.14:Niche Marketing

In this half hour to power we review the overview of marketing and specifically dive into NICHE marketing. We also discuss a new concept that is NOT in the System 4 Marketing Module so PLEASE take the time to review this 30 minute audio!

6.20.14:New Patients

Want more new patients? Listen as we dive deeper into how to attract all the new patients you want. The question is are you willing to take action?!

5.29.14:Half Hour to Power

Listen as we dive deep into a new concept to help you get right to the heart of the matter and hit the bulls-eye very quickly during your consultation. Spend less time and go deeper!

3.27.14: Half Hour to Power

In this call Kim Klapp CA EXTRORDINAIRE of the Assistants for Chiropractic Excellence ACE program answers questions for us about how to best run our office!

2.20.14: Half Hour to Power

Last time we discussed how to set your objectives. This time we dive deep into how to make sure we IMPLEMENT them and they actually get done!

1.9.2014: Half Hour to Power

Half Hour to PowerThe new year is upon us! Join this discussion about how to effectively set and accomplish your objectives for the year! We dive into headspace, procedure, wins, challenges. Do not miss this one!

12.12.2013: Half Hour to Power

Listen to this half hour to power where some of the doctors just KILLING it share what has worked for them with the “Whole Story”

11.14.2013: Half Hour to Power

Listen to this 54 minute call where Doctor’s share their experiences, wins and challenges with TTAT. When done right it absolutely revolutionizes your practice!

9.25.2013: Half Hour to Power

This half hour to power with Dr. Ken Vinton is tremendous. Dr. Vinton describes in EXTREME detail exactly how he does 25-30k CASH per WEEK without a CA. He describes how he gets people to his orientation class BEFORE visit 1 EVERY TIME! Do not miss this call!