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You’ve make a fantastic commitment to change the way that you communicate with your patients. I can’t wait to help you discover the purposeful adjustments that will result in big improvements in how effectively patients listen to you, get what you do, and want what you offer.

The Communications Mastery program you have purchased is the core of “what I do”. It is battle-tested and the results speak for themselves.

However, many doctors find that having their patients truly “get” what they do so that they WANT what you offer uncovers other things that need to be addressed in the office. These include a variety of subjects from your own headspace to how to work with a waitlist and not scare away potential patients.

The requests have resulted in the creation of the Optimal Health PRACTICE Mastery program. This reflects my career of working one-on-one and in small groups with doctors who experience the tremendous change from the Communications Mastery program you are getting started with. In this program, there are four ADDITIONAL systems of focus that will ensure you can thrive and achieve your own goals. They include:

Headspace and Personal Growth

The stark reality is this: we’re not all ready for success in our own heads. Until you’re confident in your role and relationship with patients, you’re going to struggle in virtually all aspects of this profession. I’ve developed specific exercises and resources dedicated to helping you adopt a new perspective and prepare yourself for the growth that this program brings. When YOU are ready, you will find success.

Operating System and Dream Team

Your time is one of the most precious resources you have available. I see SO MANY doctors struggle because their daily processes aren’t effective. I also see a ton of doctors spend more time managing their people than seeing patients. My bulletproof operating system makes it easy to run the business without it running you. I’ll show you how to build a Dream Team that grows the practice FOR YOU.

New Patients

This is not a promise for “piles of patients” for your practice.

Most of the time, those marketing offers that show you the future through their one or two step process just doesn’t live up to expectations. Instead, I’m going to show you how to build a perpetual  marketing calendar and fill it with the kinds of campaigns and events that your patients will respond to and be interested in. Move away from throwing money out the window and move towards having a clear, direct approach to discovering, uncovering, and earning new patients and their referrals. Workshops, flyers, handouts, cards, and more are ready-to-customize and ready-to-print so that it’s a snap!

Flow & Handling Growth

You may not be thinking about this right now, but the reality is this: when you start gaining momentum, a single hiccup can throw you off course and ruin everything. Learning how to identify the right times to grow, how to grow during those times, and who you need to help you grow are incredibly crucial aspects of a thriving practice. Together, we will look at your practice and identify the areas that are most likely to be impacted by growth. We’ll build a plan for hiring more staff and even bringing on an associate doctor to help you manage the patient load and continue growing. Momentum is key and we’ll master it together!

So here’s what I want to offer you:

I’ve designed these four other systems to work in partnership with the Communications Mastery program. You don’t need to wait to finish Communications before doing these. Quite frankly, you can get started with Communications AND pick one of these other systems to address other big issues in your practice so that you can get to the results more quickly.

I normally sell my Practice Mastery program (INCLUDING the Communications Mastery system you have purchased) for a total of about $4,000. As part of the webinar, I offered you a big discount on the Communications Mastery package ($2,200 to be exact) and gave you just about every bonus I can think of! If you want to add these four, powerful systems to your account right now, I’m willing to do it at an even bigger discount. For just $1,200 (or twelve payments of $120 per month) you can have instant and unbridled access to the other four systems in the Practice Mastery program. That puts your total investment at $2,697 instead of $4,000. You get the same satisfaction guarantee, by the way. If you decide that my approach and my program aren’t right for you at any time in the next 30 days, then flip me an email and I will refund your purchase with no questions asked.

You’ve decided to join me on the path to creating an Optimal Health Chiropractic practice. With the Practice Mastery program, you’ll have all the tools you need to complete the journey.

Let’s go!